About Us

Over 60 years ago Ted Chambers and Eric Jackett established an agricultural contracting business that would evolve into Chambers and Jackett ltd. The initial focus of the business was land drainage undertaken with a chain-digger laying field tiles. A bucket digger was used to clear ditches and culverts.

Haulage was the next service added with the purchase of a new Bedford truck used to transport haybales and drainage metal around the Motueka district.

Civil Construction and Subdivisions

As the company expanded a diverse range of machines were added enabling Chambers and Jackett to specialise their construction and contracting capabilities.

Civil construction is now the main division at Chambers and Jackett. We build subdivisions that meet both Nelson and Tasman council engineering standards. Recent projects have been completed in Motueka, Richmond, Mapua and Stoke and range in size from a two lot subdivision to more sizeable projects of 100 plus sections.

We use a revolutionary dozing system, which delivers the highest productivity dozer solution for any rough or fine grading application. It uses two of the industry leading IMU sensors, both the body and blade sensor keep the blade cutting edge on grade for any application. This system was built to keep us productive on any job

Earthworks Driveways and Entrances

With a range of excavation machines from 1.75T to 21T we are able to undertake a variety of earthworks projects including culvert installations, dam construction, house site preparation, demolition and trenching.

Driveways and entrances are other areas of expertise where we are able to provide customers with a complete service taking care of the traffic management, preparation work, sealing and finishing.

Drainage and Pole Driving

We specialise in land drainage with our ditch witch machine to dig trenches, pull in cable and certain types of pipe. Both drainage pipe and drainage metal are all part of the service.

Throughout the Tasman district we drive orchard and hop poles and also house piles. Both 13T and 6T machines "rattle" posts in where ever they are needed, be it on the farm, a new house or the bach.

Chambers&Jackett Ltd.
Contracting and Cartage

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